​Veg and lentil (GF, DF, V ,Vegan)           64 kCal (avail every day)

​Butternut Squash (GF, DF, V ,Vegan)    108 kCal

Chicken & Mushroom (GF)                  124 kCal

Chicken Broth (DF)                            164 kCal

​Cream of Broccoli (GF, V)                   122 kCal

​Cream of Cauliflower (GF, V)               119 kCal

Cream of Chicken (GF)                       171 kCal

Cream of Chicken & Sweetcorn (GF)    132 kCal

Cream of Mushroom  (GF, V)                107 kCal

Cream of Potato & Leek (GF, V)            146 kCal

​Lentil, Bacon & Tomato (GF, DF)           103 kCal

​Minestrone  (DF, V, Vegan)                    65 kCal

​Pea & Ham (GF, DF)                               99 kCal

​Potato & Bacon (GF)                            173 kCal

​Potato, Leek & Bacon (GF, DF)               114 kCal

​Red Lentil & Coconut  (V)                    166 kCal

​Roasted Red Pepper (DF, V, Vegan)         57 kCal

​Spicy Veg (GF, V)                                 111 kCal

Sweet Potato & Chilli (GF, DF, V ,Vegan)  137 kCal

​Thai Chicken & Sweet Potato (GF)         186 kCal

Tomato & Basil (GF, V)                         121 kCal

​Yellow Split Pea  (GF, DF, V ,Vegan)        129 kCal 

GF = Gluten Free

DF = Dairy Free

V = Vegetarian

Our Place Café - Home of

'the best soup in Scotland'

All our famous soups are freshly made in our own kitchen, with at least three homemade soups on offer each day.

We use the best of locally sourced ingredients and because we don't use any additives or thickeners they are extremely healthy and suitable for people on a restricted diet or special diet.

Most of our soups are gluten free and many are vegetarian or vegan.

Our daily menu boards display the dietary info including calorie count and we also publish our daily soups by 9 am every day on Facebook.